About Me

14724381_1245386802189738_5828401116510715253_n MTCNA #1306NA177, MTCIPv6E022, MTCRE #1309RE121, MTCTCE #1310TCE003, MTCINE #1310INE003, #ACTR0207, #TR0480

Hi everyone, My name is Sovandara. I'm one of the first MikroTik Consultance and MikroTik trainer in Cambodia, I have 6 year of experience working as a programmer, system engineer and network engineer. Currently I'm working as NOC Manager at MaxBIT ISP and a trainer for ITTC.

I like sharing my knowledge 
Sometime I spent my weeked go to train students at university or through MaxBIT live training programe. I belive this word "Teaching is the best way to Learn".

Why I write this website in English?
There are two reason I write this website in English
1. I want to improve my English writting skill
2. English is an international language that most people can read and understand.

Purpose of this website
This website is build to help people solve their problem, share my knowledge and improve my skill. The more problem I can solve, the more experience I get.

Thanks for reading