Connect MikroTik in GNS3 to the Internet

Hi everyone !

Previous post we have add MikroTik to GNS3. In this tutorial I show you how to connect MikroTik that run on GNS3 to the Internet and remote it from outside. The are some step you need to do

1. Create Microsoft loopback (If you don't know how to create it, please comment below for request or search on google)
2. Set IP address to loopback interface and share Internet to loopback interface.
3. Configure cloud and MikroTik  and connect it together.

I assuming all of you can create Microsoft loopback. Now let's start from the second step 🙂
To set loopback IP, we go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center and click on change adapter settings on the left menu. Then it will show you all network adapter ad below.
Network adapter

After that right click on you loopback adapter and click on Properties. You will see window pop-up as below
Connection Properties

Double click on Internet protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and set IP address. In this tutorial I set IP address, subnet mask

Ok now we configure IP address on loopback already. So we start share Internet from wireless adapter to loopback adapter. Right click on wireless adapter(If your PC connect Internet by cable, you maybe choose local area network adapter.  My PC now connect Internet by wireless Network connection 2 adapter)  then click on properties.
Wireless adapter
Then click on sharing tab and click Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection. After that choose network adapter you want to share with. In this case my loopback adapter I want to share with  is "Local Area Connection 3"
Share Internet

Then click oK to apply setting. now step 2 is done. Let's start the final step 🙂
Open you GNS3 and drag MikroTik router, switch and cloud to work area. See picture below.

Right click on cloud then click on configure and click add Local Area Connection 3. See the picture below.
Configure Cloud

Now let's start connect these three item together as the picture below.

Right click on MikroTik device then click on start button. You will see MikroTik qemu window pop-up as below
MikroTik -Qemu Start

Our game today nearly finish #hahahah. Let's start configure MikroTik.
Login MikroTik with username: admin and password blank. On loopback adapter I set ip address and I connect it with MikroTik Ethernet 0(ether1 in MikroTik interface name). We need to do 2 step to make our router can access to internet.
1. Configure IP address of ether1 that face to loopback adapter

ip address add address= interface=ether1

2. Add default route to loopback adapter

ip route add dst-address= gateway=


Let's start test ping to the gateway and Internet. If it's not work please try to restart MikroTik device. It's show show the result as below.

Try to access via winbox
Access-via winbox

Ahha our task to day is done. Our router can connect to the Internet and accessible via winbox. Sorry for wrong grammer.

Thanks for reading my post.

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