Get Free IPv6 with Tunnel Broker


IPv6 is the next generation of Internet protocol, but most Internet service provider still not provide IPv6 support to their customer yet. IPv6 will replace the current IPv4 address, so we should familiar to this new protocol with practice and use it for everyday life.

There are some tunnel broker, who provide free IPv6 pool such as HE (Hurricane Electrice), NetAssist ..etc. Now let's see the diagram below,  and we will configure 6to4 tunnel to HE. Please sign up to HE tunnel broker website


In this lab, we connect MikroTik router to IPV4 Internet as normal and make sure from your router can reach HE VPN server. Then you can configure 6to4 VPN on router. After VPN connected you should get IPV6 address from HE.

Please see in the video for step by step configuration.  


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