MikroTik Inter VLAN Routing-LAB


This post will show you how to configure VLAN on MikroTIk router and MikroTik Layler 3 switch.  

Lab diagram

They purpose of this LAB, we separete user to 3 different VLAN. On each VLAN they have different subnet. All user can communicate to each other event they are in different VLAN.

Configuration on router

On MikroTik router we go to interface then click add (+) –> select on VLANs. The important point you need to specific VLAN ID and interface that tag with the VLAN. After you add VLAN as below picture, ether2 interface become a trunk.


Assign IP address for each VLAN (we also call sub-interface)


If you want to provide automatic IP to your user, you can configure DHCP on each VLAN.


Configure on MikroTIK switch

On MikroTik switch, we can add 2 or more port as trunk port by go to Switch in the left menu and add member to trunk.


Go to "Switch" > VLAN and add all access port and trunk port to VLAN that we want to assign


At "Eg, VLAN Tag" we add VLAN and trunk port 


At "In VLAN Tran" we add access port and set a New Customer VID

Now user able to access to your Network through VLAN that you assgin.


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