How can we use Mikrotik Switch on GNS3 ?

Q & ACategory: MikroTikHow can we use Mikrotik Switch on GNS3 ?
sengly asked 1 year ago

Hello everyone, i want to study Mikrotik on my own with GNS3 and after i search on the internet i can add Mikrotik router to GNS3 but the thing is i cant find the way to add switch so would you all mind helping me ? i’ll appreciate all your help

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Sovandara answered 1 year ago

Currently on Mikrotik web site I see only cloud host router and X86 for ROS. So I think we can do if MikroTik release switch OS for x86.

sengly answered 1 year ago

So it means that right now we can’t use Mikrotik Switch in GNS3 and we need to wait until they release right or their is any other ways?

sovandara Staff replied 8 months ago

Yes, MikroTik doesn’t have switch os for X86 or cloud yet. So we need to wait, Maybe they will release cloud host switch soon 

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