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dara asked 2 years ago

If you need only to queue only youtube sometime is not easy when we use google address list (whole list) but with help dynamically add youtube ip address to address list, we could get better result. Run this command
/ ip firewall filter add chain=forward action=add-dst-to-address-list protocol=tcp address-list=yyyy address-list-timeout=0s comment=””
** is your local subnet or IP
“yyyy” is your youtube address list name

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sovandara answered 2 years ago

I am a kind of failed to queue speed on when using google crome. it look like google crome much smarter than other browser

t-dara answered 2 years ago

The problem in your rule is any other web site that contain the word youtube also mark. One solution can help you is to use GGC IP. You can ask your Internet service provider about GCC IP.

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