Run MikroTik on GNS3 Version 1.3.2

Hi everyone !

In previous post I show you about how to create MikroTik image file. In this post I will show you how to add MikroTik image to GNS3. Let's start togather 🙂

To run MikroTik on GNS3 you need to do two step:
1. Create MikroTik image
2. Add MikroTik image to qemu in GNS3

For step 1 you can see in my previous post by click the link above. Now we start do the second step "Add MikroTik image to qemu in GNS3"

Now we will add the mikrotik image, which we created in previous post, into the qemu VMs list. To do that start GNS3 and go to  Edit–> Preferences–> QEMU–> QEMU VMs


and you will see the window pop-up then click Add. For qemu vm type we choose "default" and click on Next


Type qemu vm name what ever you want and click Next



Qemu binary we choose qemu-system-x86_64w.exe and amount of RAM for Mikrotik qemu machine we set 256M then click Next



browse MikroTik image to gns3 then click finish



Click on Edit to edit MikroTik qemu vm



Click on Advanced settings then go to Aditional setting section and change options to -no-acpi. Click on all ok button to apply setting.



Now you will see MikroTik on the left device menu as picture below. Drag it to working area and enjoy 🙂


In the next section I will show you how to remote your MikroTik in GNS3 from you PC outside. Sorry for wrong English grammer.

Thanks for reading my post


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