Share Internet from 3G modem by using MikroTik router

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Today I would like to share all of you about how to configure 3G modem by using MikroTik Router. This only work with MikroTik series that have port connect to USB 3G Modem. Some series like hAP lite doesn't have usb port so you cannot do it. In this article I use RB951Ui-2Hnd router and connect with Huawei 3G Modems. In this post I didn't detail each step for you. I just show you the configuration. There are three main step

  • Connect and configure 3G modem. When configure already you get IP address, default route, and dns from your Internet 3G provider.
  • Configure LAN. when ready user will able to communicate with router.
  • Configure NAT to allow user able to browse the Internet.

– Connect to your Routerboard via Winbox or SSH (Command line). At MikroTik RouterBoard 951Ui-2Hnd there are one USB port. So I connect my 3G modem through that port. For some router series don't have usb port, we can connect through a small USB extender.
5-25-2015 3-10-23 PM
– Next check whether is it registered under ports menu. This is crucial, as we would always connect to the USB 3G  via the port name.
5-25-2015 3-12-57 PM
– If you are able to see it under the port section, RouterOS will automatically add a PPP-Client under the Interface list. By default it should be called PPP-out1 and disabled. Change the name to something that actually means something. But I have used Name PPP-out1. If you don't see that interface automatic create for you, you can create by your self by go to Interfaces and click on add botton and choose PPP Client.

– I use sim card Metfone so we have to configure APN: metfone  then we select OK. Then
Check the settings with the following command
5-25-2015 3-15-55 PM
–  Enable the interface PPP-out1
5-25-2015 3-18-13 PM

– By Default after we Enable the PPP-out1, it will get one IP and default route from 3G modem that allow router to access to the Internet.
5-25-2015 4-19-55 PM
5-25-2015 3-19-16 PM

– Now we test ping to IP of google dns to make sure that MikroTik router can access to the Internet
5-25-2015 3-21-21 PM

Hmm Now we have complete one part from router to the Internet. But our user cannot browse to the Internet yet. So let's start configure another part from router to user(LAN).

My requirement I want some user can connect to Internet via wireless, and some user can connect via wire. But I want both type of user on the same LAN.

So first of all I create security profile for wireless to allow only authenticated user able to access to my network(Wireless > Security Profiles). Then back to Interfaces(wireless>Interface) and double click on wlan1 and configure SSID = 3G-MikroTik and select security profile(profile1 the we just created) then OK.
5-25-2015 3-36-33 PM 5-25-2015 3-38-25 PM
– Because I want user that connect to wireless and wire are in the same LAN. The only way we can do it is to create Bridge interface and bridge both interface togather.
5-25-2015 3-34-31 PM 5-25-2015 3-35-17 PM

– Set IP address for LAN Interface.
5-25-2015 3-42-14 PM

– Create POOL for define the range of IP that DHCP-Server provide to clients.
5-25-2015 3-22-25 PM 5-25-2015 3-23-43 PM

– Create DHCP-Server
5-25-2015 3-27-46 PM 5-25-2015 3-30-35 PM
– To this step user can communicate with router and other users on the same LAN but user cannot browse to the Internet yet. So we configure NAT to allow users able to access to the Internet
5-25-2015 3-46-31 PM  5-25-2015 4-49-01 PM

– Ok everything done. So let's start test connect to wifi and access to the Internet. Everything work? If not comment below 😀
5-25-2015 3-48-17 PM  5-25-2015 3-51-39 PM


I hope it can help you. Let's enjoy your Internet connection from your 3G Modem 🙂
Thanks for reading my post.

3 thoughts on “Share Internet from 3G modem by using MikroTik router

  • March 28, 2017 at 3:49 pm

    Very interesting, thank you! I have one of these a hAP acl lite and it does have a USB port. Can you tell me the model of 3G Huawei usb modem that you were using as I would like to give this a try.




    • April 7, 2017 at 2:20 am

      Sorry, I don’t remember the model of 3G. But last time I have test most of huawei 3G is supported. But 4G is not support at that time. Now I see MikroTik also announce to support with 4G. But I didn’t test yet. 

  • September 1, 2017 at 11:30 pm

    i followed all your steps but my connection is limited


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