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This week is difference, I wrote about problem and solution. Thank to my staff that report me about this problem. The problem is about sending file on skype. When we do simple queue limit for each user more then 5Mbps, I notice the speed that sending file on skype never reach 5Mbps. Sometime got around 2Mbps and I see many packet was dropped.

Do you ever meet this problem?



For my idea, It's becasue of skype program fragment data to a small piece of packet and transfer those packets very fast. By default simple queue use queue type default small that have queue size 10 packets. When the queue size full the packet start drop. So when the user PC try to send packet very fast to their router, the router buffer is full and start drop packet. Then the router will send jam signal to slow down.

Example created to highlight queue size impact on traffic that was queued by specific queue.

There were 320 (19,9%) packets dropped and 80 (5,0%) packets had 1 step delay.


There were 190 (11,8%) packets dropped and 400 (24,8%) packets had 1 step delay.


Hehehe This is just what I'm thinking if you have any idea beside this please let's me know 🙂

Default queue type in simple queue(default small)


The solution is to change queue size. You have two option first change queue type in simple queue to other queue type that have the queue size bigger. Second change queue size in queue type (default-small) to 50packet or 100 packets. Ok let's see the picture below:

Go to queue > Queue types > default small and change queue size to 100 peckets

This is the result after change queue size. No more packet drop and we get the full speed.

That's it 🙂

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  • August 5, 2018 at 1:26 am

    i did as above…thanks you very much my packet loss reducing ,but still sometimes i get packet loss in/out 1/1,do i need increase the packet size ?wht happen if i use more than 100? sorry for bad english….


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